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tion. According as the tumor diminishes in thickness the incisions
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From the pure iodine, given in doses of 5l"lb of the tincture two
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hob-nailed cirrhosis. It occurred to me that peritonitis might have been
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antiseptics, and has found that he has been able to make
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Flexner 10 and of Bunting 11 upon the influence of myelotoxic and
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As the pathology of the condition is obscure, any contribution on the point
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of it afterwards. If, however, the " coming round " seems in danger of
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This gentleman admits that impregnation is more likely to occur immediately
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cubic foot of air, and 44-J per cent, for cloudiness, zero be-
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tients are less liable to relapse than in those cases cured by quinine.
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speak. I refer to large and oft-repeated doses of calomel, un-
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Duret, in 1896, stitched the stomach to the abdominal wall; Lambotte
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proved Swift's Hospital, which would shed increased lustre on
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suggests that in the neuroses, where fragments of mucous membrane
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vagina, the uterus, the tubes, and the ovaries When one or more of the
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because it was the chairmanship of the biochemistry
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In the treatment of chalazion of the lid.s, he recom-
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hypodermic-ally, and best of all by the introduction of
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cultation or by a bacteriologic test — but so it is. As a
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establishment of, and therefore was not prevented by, ptyalism. "Was
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and percussion. Observation shows that if the arm is raised
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bacteria, which will be found very reliable and practicable
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and roast about two hours or a little longer. Serve with a
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cultivable bodies, and 24 hours later, intravenously with pneumococci. The
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its power as a vascular tonic enhances its value here. It acts
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impressions the regular aud healthy operations of intellect. These are
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mated by means of factors for the percentage of nitrogen in
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the case, for there are instances where the laryngeal lesion is out of
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the blood, taken at autopsy, developed the colon bacillus. The
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Entered at the I'oitoffice at Louisville, Ky., as kerniM-clat* matter.
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idequateness of the vital powers to carry the patient safely through the
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artificial respiration. Tobacco poisoning, the result of smoking the first
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6, apparatus for the simultaneous distillation of 6 specimens.
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labor pains during the day made no progress. Dr. S. was sent
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ent upon uterine or ovarian conditions, inasmuch as they
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be due to pain, and it is hurtful to fill an infant's
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with noises in the ears and lowness of spirits, precedes all other symp-
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postoperative measurable hearing remained in only 50% of
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of sudden asphyxia in one of these convulsive attacks, or of slow asphyxia