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lesion, and this is deemed as compensatory and conservative.

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profession throughout the world.— Edited by A. O. J. Kelly, M.D., of

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temperature fluctuated between 39° and 40°C. until June 7, when it was killed.

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only a little over three per cent. He thought the profession in

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cleanliness, and removal of surplus furniture. He should be kept strictly

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in the other the tooth is approximately in the same position,

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round and immotile, with small central or peripheral masses of i)ig-

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the disease progresses; coincidently there are hyaline and granular

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and many others in addition shall be thine. But, if thou continuest

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fingers and toes were nearly off; the child was very

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last muscle, like other similar muscles, is always in a

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semifolded aspect of the cheek "beginning at the upper border

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diately convulsed, accompanied with the lividily above mentioned, and

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the abscess of the right temple is dead, but does not exfoliate.

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He enters* upon the duties of the chair with the fall semester. Traube' s

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on palpation over its lower half. The enlarged uterus could be felt

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veloped. Other Regional Arthritis Center activities

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Specializing in the treatment of alcoholism and drug dependency conditions

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results were inconclusive and advised an epidemiologic investigation of the

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Between the sternal ends of the two clavicles passes the inter-

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Supposing, by way of illustration, the pelvis and lower

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which are sedative and but slightly stimulating, water

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Community Medicine, 400 Parnassus Ave, A C9, San Francisco

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Certain questions arise in thb connection, and require an

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1 See p. 446 for the amount of secretion occurring in the fasting stomach of

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"In 1856, when the aggregate mean force of the navy was 51,780, the average

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third of the cornea. The section must also be large, if the

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Bismuth Tcsi. — This is best performed with Nylander's modifica-

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The makers of Swift's Strained Meats invite you to send for

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fibres, and membranes, all of which may be produced directly

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mature senility. One must take the choice, then, between

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