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tal origin, and it is therefore undoubted that through the same

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still bear well in mind that many of the appearances,

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space" in the axilla of so much importance that it had

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or the opposite portion, gives way to the strain and allows the

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Eighth Army Corps was entrusted the duty of maintaining the

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acute typhilitis occurred, or on the other side following this acute appendicitis

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Family 4 (Fig. 9) (Rendu, 1896). — There was history of severe epistaxis

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quiry. Nauche advises a cup-and-ball pessary; Simpson and Valleix

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the king's displeasure as well. She was accused of " inter-

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tributed. We will follow out these changes from within out-

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of the digestive organs. A deranged condition of the liver, for

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shine, in the open air, in some form of interesting, exhilarating, and unwearying exercise — walk

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of this essay, that a peaceful, just, generous mind, and a clear con-

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by atrophy. The lameness is excessive. It will take from three

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review of them all — their powers for good and evil, and their peculiar

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epithelial cancer not assuming the appearance of an excrescence.

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1885; the whole population in each year being 400,-

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willing to be subjected for a season, if w 7 e can assist

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the same bad effects in the larger canal, the intestine ;

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piratory action of the thorax, " it is certain that the

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1 Aruould : Revue d'Hygidne, ix. 27. Frcudenreich : Annales de I'lnstitut Pasteur,

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108. Bromide of Potassium as a Febrifuge. Mr. Charles Maclean . . . .107

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ever, be prolonged, and constitute true Bright's disease, evidently due to the

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than from four to eight hours in cow, and from two to three hours in mare.

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also of tliat Thomas, Lord Dcnman who waH thf; advo

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the means of withdrawing a considerable (juantity of serum, re-

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mortality rate of 6.57 per cent, for hospital cases and 4.16 per cent, for those

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An inflamed hemorrhoid or pile is an extremely painful affec-

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in attendance at the annual meeting, to defray the expenses of the

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tion, inasmuch as by the removal of the clot (he cerebral circulation is

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about, and urge the importance of, their own special subject.

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to the stomach and iBtestines> just as th^ sahv^f

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methyl alcohol, then from glacial acetic acid, and finally from a

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hysterical symptoms that they have frequently thrown careful obserrers

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I was desired to visit her in conjunction with Dr. Banks of this