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drug which cannot easily be given through a needle or a rectal tube,

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ment of certain ends. Thus, soldiers frequently feign diseases with a view

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a dissertation on this question—** What are the diagnusilc marks of cancer of the breast ; and is this

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Martin, Evesham, Worcestershire ; Charles Dorrington Batt, "Witney,

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ciations. Hasty legislation with hopeless complications

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curette broken into the natural barrier of the uterine walls, he

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to be produced on human and other animal bodies by certain Metals)

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In all of these cases — and the remark applies equally to most

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The i)rinciple is a bad one — no matter from what

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here quote the result of experiments by Koch, Gaffky, and Loffler,

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could be made into the cavity of the bladder after an inter-

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course cases can be so bad that an operation is not advisable, those

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Breakstone. — Found in the Southern States, particularly in

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rigid muscles. As he is seized, he may utter a sharp shrill cry ; or he may