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we found in many urines. Sometimes the increase in the number

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2. Kahn: Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1909, l»l, 291; Ergebn. d. Physiol., 1914,

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opacity of the cornea began to clear up. No nitrate of silver was employed,

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who was suffocated in bed by carbonic oxide gas, in January, 18 —

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Practitioner, by Stanley Perkins Warren, M.D., Obstetric Physician to

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columns to reply to the letter of Dr. Northrup, entitled

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Maier in 1866 1 , but it is probable that it had been ob-

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surgery, and the founder of a family of eminent medical

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uric acid. A certain form of headache bears a close relation to

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quent cause of sterility. A woman suffering from ovaritis, acute or chronic, can

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during the night if awake may be given in some cases. Lunches often

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linity of which the blood was deficient, particularly the tripple phos-

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by a pellicular exudation diphtheritic. We know that in some cases of

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general house service in a family of nine in number,

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doing of what has now become established practice. The sur-

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11. Lang: Ueber Inii)etigo contagiosa und ihre Stellung zur Dermatomycosis

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before, suffered intense pain afterwards, and, thirteen

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Johnstone, B. R., 4304, San Prancisco, Coll. Phys. A Suri , Keokuk, la., Mar 8, 189a.

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conclusions, after extensive experiments with acids on the gastric

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d -utured. 'i'lie join! i- now opened h\ an iiui-ion on it- outer .i-i-evi.

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which are known respectively by the names of ' discrete,' ' confluent,' and

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the names " famine fever" and " hunger-pest" relates to this fact. Statistics

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removed by Prof. Pancoast, there defined as osteoid-chondrom. Virchow reports

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ism," and thus also the same " drying-up " effect upon the crys-

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examination, the position of the candidates on the list of surgeon-

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loss of an associate whose qualities of heart and mind

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He finds that j)reparatory treatment is usually neces-

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107 persons suflered from partaking of the flesh of an ox to

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of pus oozed out. The appendix was readil}' separated

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student may gain some useful hints from the coarser op-

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Milk Inspection From a Practical Viewpoint — J. H. Heald, M. D 58

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intensity seen in Raynaud's disease. Sweating is a common feature, and it

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In scrofulous affections it may be employed. It has