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sometimes drift hundreds of miles before such a storm ; the throb-
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Besides this coincidence, two general facts have been put
Durability: If made strong and of good material, allow 2. Deduct for light construction and
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fused vertebrae. Furthermore, there was an opening in
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substantiate this statement to the committee before
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on the treatment of typhoid fever. Med. Rec., N. Y.,
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gonococci have been reported in valve- vegetations.
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dency in general surgery at the Veterans Administration Center, Wood,
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an epidemic, street and house dust should be kept down by sprinkling,
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published in 1885 a series of interesting jiapers de-
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of the iris, at the place of its union with the choroid, sclerotic, and
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condition however was not uniform. Whenever the poison entered the stomach, it produced
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On October 20th he removed the superior maxillary nerve
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iodin is determined in the well-known way by titrating with sodium thiosulphate
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journal, the opinion of medical men as to whether cycling was healthy or
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we shall see in the sequel, he, by another discovery, crowned their
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following remarks of the case of Mr. II. : — " Every symptom of
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stitutional conditions, such as the malarial cachexia, amemia, and
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the doubly contoured membrane. The tunicfe propriie, freed from the
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ApoTHECABrES' Hall. — Names of gentlemen who passed
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Coal-tar. See Antipyrine — Naphthalin — Pentano —
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of digitalis in cardiac failure is strangely disregarded in ordinary
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the right side, extending round to the spine ; a dry and frequent oough added to its
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the wound. This restored the liver to its normal position, in
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fracture bad been frequently successful, and he saw no reason why a sim-
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four hours to five days. The experiments instituted by Dr.
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23it from scarlet fever, ftS from iiiea.sles, \W from eiysipela.'*, •!» from
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and warmth found in slums, overcrowded insanitary houses,
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cluding, through a prolonged, searching examination,
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produce varied results, and the same result may come from different causes.
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collection of the bones he had extracted from the vagiiui or
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noea increases, and an adynamic state, in which the tongue is dry,
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pints in both breasts, and if the symptoms are urgent both breasts can
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Inversions of the uterus, and especially if partial, when speed-^
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horse may have previously possessed soon disappears. Now
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ought to watch over children with the anxiety of the
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cases of septicaemia, puerperal septic intoxication, etc., successfully
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spinal epilepsy ; it having only a general connection with the sclerosis. The
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dominal walls were loaded with fat, and large deposits of
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noticed a capillary congestion and effusion, masking the whole
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was very painful and was accompanied with consider-